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How To Pack Moving & Storage Boxes

Whether you’re getting ready to move or just sorting through items in your home, using a large box for moving or storage seems like a logical fit. It holds the most items and a corrugated box seems like it is sturdy and can stack well in a basement, storage unit or moving van. What you end up learning is that an overfilled box is often too heavy, causing the bottom of the box to fall out or causing unneeded injuries to the person trying to move it in the first place.

Properly Pack Your Large Moving & Storage Box

It’s time to dispel the myths of a large moving box. Looks can be deceiving and costly, if items are damaged or broken due to improper packing. Below are some helpful tips that can be used to not only properly pack a large moving or storage box, but can be applied to any size box.

• Large boxes are meant for large items. Use this size box for bulky, light-weight items like blankets,

comforters and pillows. Keep this in mind with other sizes boxes as well.

• Trying to find a place for those picture boxes? These will also stack nicely in a large box and will keep

all of those valuable memories in one place.

• Items from your kitchen are sometimes the most difficult to pack. A large box is ideal for large bowls

and over-sized platters and pans. Use a medium box for silverware, utensils, medium and small pots

and pans, kitchen linens, smaller appliances and dry goods.

• Home décor can also be a challenge because of its sometimes odd shapes. Consider packing larger

items like lamp shades, decorative pillows and blankets, vases and others in a large box. Again, use

smaller boxes for smaller items and be mindful of their size and weight.

• In child’s room, consider using large boxes for curtains and bed linens, and also those large toys like

skateboards, dinosaurs, dolls and stuffed animals.

The key things to remember about packing anything is to keep the items relative to the box size and; most importantly, be sure to use bubble protection and other void fills as necessary. Pick up packing paper to wrap breakables and buy dividers to keep glasses and knick-knacks from getting broken during transit. It’s also important to take the time to label your boxes properly so you can find your items easily and to help with organization of boxes.

Taking the time to plan ahead will help packing those large boxes, or any size boxes, a much easier and really, less stressful process. Visit your local moving and storage supply provider for more tips on how to prepare for your next move or storage conquest.

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