"Always Amazing."

We all know how stressful moving can be. Thankfully the Box Guys were there to unburden me and my family of some of that stress!

As soon as I walked into the shop, Brandon (the owner) was up and ready to go, greeting me and asking if there was anything he could get for me or help me find.

I told him it had been a while since my last move and I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed. He asked me what I was moving out of (condo, house, etc) and how many bedrooms.

I think he could tell I was a little overwhelmed with the move and having to start packing because he smiled and suggested I start small, with a couple of smaller size boxes (I think 2’s and 3 cubes he called them) and some other supplies (packing paper, bubble wrap, etc) and said they’re there 6 days a week and I can always come back if I needed more.

What was exceptional was his level of honesty and the packing tips he offered. I asked about packing something away, mentioned the materials I thought I needed and he told me I could save some of my money by purchasing only one of those materials, packing it a certain way, and have it packed just as safe.

When he rang me up he asked if I had any moving services in mind yet. I told him I was looking at a few and he offered me his card and said “well, hey, if you don’t like what you’re hearing from the other guys we offer moving services as well.” I thought “wow that’s pretty damn convenient.”

I’ve been back twice for more boxes (apparently you can never have too many!) and have since met his father Shane who was equally as friendly and helpful. He had mentioned that the company is family owned and operated (I prefer to support small/family owned businesses) so I thought that was sort of a bonus to choosing these guys.

All in all, I’ve had multiple pleasant experiences here. They really know what they’re doing, they know how to handle customers and their unique situations, and it seems like they offer everything you need and more for a full move.

5/5 stars, would (and already have) recommend these guys to anyone looking to move in the future.

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