Three Bedroom Moving Kit - 56 Boxes, Plus More.

Take the guesswork out of moving with this convenient, pre-packaged premium moving kit. Includes everything you need for moving a three bedroom - boxes, tape, bubble, knives and even markers! Use this kit alone or combine it with other packing supplies.

56 Boxes Total

10 x 1.5 Cu. Ft. Boxes (Small)
15 x 2 Cu. Ft. Boxes (Small)
20 x 3 Cu. Ft. Boxes(Medium)
5 x 4 Cu. Ft. Boxes(Large)
5 x 5 Cu. Ft Boxes (Large)
3 x Short Wardrobe w/bar
1 x 25lbs Newsprint (550/sheets)
1 x Bubble Roll, 24" x 175'
3 x Roll of Packing Tape, 48mm x 132m
2 x Permanent Marker
1 x Utility Knife
20 x Fragile "Handle with Care" Labels