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How to Use: Bubble Cushioning

When packing your delicate and fragile items, prevent damage and breakage with bubble protection. Many use this lightweight, clean and easy-to-use packing material to ensure that their items arrive in the same condition in which they were packed. We offer a variety of sizes of bubble rolls that make packing even more convenient. Now you, when you use bubble to wrap your items, can enjoy the same protection and peace of mind that others experience. 

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Why Use Bubble Protection
With so many packing material options available, it’s easy to see why bubble protection is a great choice for shipping and moving boxes. By guarding against shock, vibration and abrasion, your sensitive and fragile items are protected from damage and accidental breakage. Wrapping with our bubble product cushions your items with pockets of air which is much easier to pack with than foam chips. It comes in convenient sizes and roll formats to better suit your packing needs – large or small. Our wrap is also available in an alternative eco friendly material for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

How to Use
Bubble protection is available in many different sizes, measured by the height of the bubble. Use smaller 3/16” bubble protection to cushion light to medium weight fragile items and save the bigger 1/2” bubble protection for medium to large weight items and for filling large voids.

Perforated every 12 inches, bubble protection comes in small and large rolls to accommodate large and small items.

Delicate fragile items should be wrapped with small bubbles. For increased shock and vibration isolation, wrap the item with several layers. 

Use medium sized bubbles for larger less fragile items. Always wrap the top of the bubbles against your item and for the best protection, use more than one size of bubble. First wrap the item with small bubble then fill the space inside the box with void fill. 

A single layer may also be used as a protective layer on the bottom of boxes as well as in between layers of items.

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