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Top 10 Moving Supplies for Your Next Move

Whether you live in or near Toronto or another place in Canada, it’s helpful to have a list moving supplies ready to ensure you have everything you need prior to packing your home or business. We have put together this quick list of the top moving supplies to help make your preparations a little easier.

  1. Corrugated boxes in various sizes and shapes. Every move will require a different boxes to pack certain items. Take an inventory of what you’re going to need to pack and then purchase boxes to accommodate those items.

  2. Bubble protection. Finding quality items to wrap your breakables in is a moving supplies must! Bubble protection helps minimize breakage during any move.

  3. Dependable dolly or hand truck. Inevitably, there are going to be large items that you’ll need more assistance with moving. Our moving supplies list wouldn’t be complete without adding a dolly to help stave off moving injuries and help get more items out and in to the truck more quickly.

  4. Packing labels and a marker. As you're packing boxes, we strongly suggest that you label the box with content and the room that it should be placed into once you arrive at your destination.

  5. Quality floor protection. Reduce the number of scratches and unsightly marks when you use floor runners to protect hard wood or carpeted floors.

  6. Dividers and packing paper. When packing glasses, bottles and other breakable items, be sure to wrap them in packing paper or storage them quickly and easily with convenient dividers that fit right into your box!

  7. Measuring tape or meter stick. Make sure you’re prepared by measuring out dimension of large pieces and furniture. This will help you determine if doors need to be removed from hinges or alternative plans need to be made for large objects.

  8. Packing tape. This is essential to your moving supplies list. You’ll need it to close packing boxes tightly and make quick repairs to boxes that may be damaged or ripped prior to our or during transport.

  9. Moving blankets. When packing your truck, use these to cover furniture and other items that you’d like to keep from getting damage when shifting occurs.

  10. Mattress Bags. Protect your mattress from dirt and bed bugs that could be lurking in the moving truck. Read more about the great protection mattress bags can offer you.

We are happy to help answer questions you may have about moving supplies. We are ready to help you prepare for your next home or office move.

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