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Gaylord Box 48" x 40" x 36"

Gaylord Box 48" x 40" x 36"

Gaylord boxes are used in the shipping industry and encompass a wide range of box products. A Gaylord box is a bulk-size corrugated box. Gaylord boxes allow shipping and packaging of products in a large, single container, or on a pallet (pallet not included). Although most people know them as gaylord boxes, they are also sometimes called "skid boxes" within the shipping industry. A gaylord box allows several smaller shipments to be placed into one large sized box for easy loading and unloading of a skid. 100% recyclable!


1x used skid/pallet also available per Gaylord purchase for free upon request 


*May come folded when delivered*
*Special order no cancellation*
*Due to this item being special order, it may take 5-7 days to procure*

L x W x H - 48" x 40" x 36" 

Gaylord Lid (Included).
L x W x H - 48-3/4" x 40"-3/4" x 6" 

BC Half Slotted Bin
Heavy Duty Double Wall

Seams are glued.
SKU: C2207